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     The traditional grape stomp consists of teams of two people, a barefoot stomper and a swabby (helper).  They compete to see how much juice they can extract in three minutes from 25 pounds of grapes in a wine barrel. This is an extremely popular event with unlimited photographic potential.

     To facilitate team-building, the grape stomp is combined with a relay and allows each team member to be both a stomper and a swabby.  Up to six teams can compete at one time: multiple heats will involve and accommodate large groups of participants.  The total time from start to finish runs 60-90 minutes. 

     Our grape stomp utilizes authentic wine barrels as well as real wine grapes fresh from the vineyard.

The wine country staff also provides back ground information about our beautiful wine region, the grapes themselves, and the history of grape stomping and wine making.

     Our enthusiasm combined with the inherent folly of the event ensures all participants will have an unforgettable memory of their “grape experience”.  We look forward to meeting your group here in the wine country!

Groups Size: 8 to 100

Price varies: $95 to $195 per person.

Time Frame: 1 to 2 Hours

Steph G.

Administrative Assistant/Google Inc.

More fun than we possibly could have anticipated! Chanting homemade cheers, stomping furiously with a spirit of lively competition, and rallying together in the beautiful Sonoma backdrop - we couldn't have had a more energizing event to conclude our offsite at the Fairmont! We loved it! Highly recommend to groups looking for an enthusiastic team-building activity that perfectly captures the theme of wine country.

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