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Sonoma Adventures was one of our best decisions while in Sonoma. We found our tour guide to be extremely knowledgeable, organized and well-respected in the community.  The day's excusing provided a variety of wine tasting, a delicious and fresh lunch and a comfortable amount of exercise while vacationing in wine country.   I would most definitely recommend this to all. 

Rody S.


We start by asking you a series of questions about what Wine Country means to you and what you imagine the perfect day(s) would look like in Wine Country.  Then we curate an experience that fits your desires and your budget.  From the smallest of the wineries that have extremely limited availability, to a vertical tastings with perfectly aged wine from the 70s/80s, to private tours of vineyards and caves, to the magical views that are the basis for Native lore.  We will truly show you a perfect day. 


Our Plan...

Based upon our local connections and years of experience we will bring your group to "micro wineries" that are exclusive and amazing!  We will have curated and private experiences at each location.  This experience is for those who appreciate great wine and want something more than a "standard" day in Wine Country.  These are hosted all throughout Northern California's wine Country.

This experience has a $700 minimum

*price includes vehicle or bikes(your preference), and local guide, waters.  Does not include money spent at winery or lunch.

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