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Sonoma Wine Tours
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Wake All of Your Senses with These Unique Sonoma Wine Tours

Pretty much all Sonoma wine tours are fun, but after you've taken enough of them, they're no longer unique enough to capture your full attention. If you find yourself in this position, you need to find an offering that is different enough to get you to pay attention again. A bicycle wine tour is the perfect solution.

When you take guided Sonoma wine tours on bikes provided by Sonoma Adventures, you'll get to see the sights with a perspective you never get on a tour bus. Even better, you don't have to pedal your legs off to enjoy these trips. Sonoma Adventures' bikes are "pedal assist," which means that they have electric motors that can help with pedaling. These motors can be adjusted all the way from no assistance to full assistance. Simply set it to provide the amount of help you prefer, and your tour will be nothing but fun.

Sonoma bike rentals aren't just for wine tours. You can rent a bike and go off on your own to explore this beautiful area, or take tours to specific destinations as you choose. It's also possible to go on group tours with others who happen to be there on the same day, or arrange private tours with just your own group. No matter which option you choose, with Sonoma bike rentals, you'll see views from angles that you never get on tour buses. You'll also have the wind in your hair, giving you a feeling of freedom that doesn't exist inside of a vehicle.

If you come for a wine tour and find that the weather isn't good for biking that day, you aren't out of luck. Sonoma Adventures does have buses for those days when it wouldn't be fun to be out on a bike.

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