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Tired of the standard wine tasting events? 

Want to have something to take home that reminds you of this amazing stay in Wine Country?

Look no further....

    Why not integrate a blending class into your experience.  Your team can enjoy the art of wine blending with the laughter and spirit of wine tasting.  The group starts with the wine educator's introduction to blending and tasting of the wines to be blended.  Then proceeds to combine 10% of one with 50% of another and so on... 

    Then taste it.  Critique your blend and with some suggestions from the educator... start again.

     After a few modifications you have landed on your wine!  Your own blend!

    Quick label is produced, and a bottle made.  And just like that - you have a team of winemakers!

    Suggestions for some follow up fun - Buy a 2nd bottle of each members wine - host a party in 1 year and do a blind tasting... see who really has the "winemaking gene"!

Group Size: 6 to 75+

Price Varies: $99 to $195 per guest

Time Frame: 1.5 to 2.5 Hours

Rody S.


Sonoma Adventures was one of our best decisions while in Sonoma. We found our tour guide to be extremely knowledgeable, organized and well-respected in the community.  The day's excusing provided a variety of wine tasting, a delicious and fresh lunch and a comfortable amount of exercise while vacationing in wine country.   I would most definitely recommend this to all. 

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